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American Retirement Advisors, Inc. is an investment advisory firm in southeast Michigan. Our company was born in 2016 a sister company of our longstanding insurance advisory, American Retirement Solutions (“ARS”), which was incorporated in 2008.

ARS was founded by Joseph Vitale, our President and CCO. Joe and his team have worked to implement senior government benefits, including VA and Medicaid planning, into our client’s long-term care strategies. Our firm’s mission is to help protect clients from unnecessary spend downs for long-term care.

We specialize in preservation of assets. Our main niche has been working to help senior wartime veterans qualify for the VA Aid & Attendance benefit, a pension program from the VA to help pay for assisted living and home care.

With the help of the national service organization Veteran Support Center, we have helped over 10,000 families with the Aid & Attendance benefit – whether it was helping start a claim, helping them when they filed on their own, representing them when the VA contested their claim, or with any other changes they needed to make. We continue to submit about 500 claims per year.

Out of this work with veterans, spouses, and their children, we saw a growing need for conservative financial planning among the next generation to have a solid financial plan. As we worked with the adult children of wartime veterans . to finalize their parent’s . long-term care plans, questions arose . regarding
their own retirement – what would happen if they needed long-term care just like their parents? What investment options are out there to help me avoid losing my retirement if the market crashes?

We wanted to be able to offer our clients a protective environment to help conserve their nest egg but still receive a competitive rate of return. We’ve been proud to be able to partner with several third-party money managers who we believe can help achieve our client’s goals.

Our ultimate goal is to secure for multiple generations the protecting and growth of their assets. We look forward to helping you create your plan.

joe vitaleJoe Vitale
President of American Retirement Advisors, Inc.

Joseph Vitale is the president of American Retirement Solutions and an investment advisor representative with American Retirement Advisors. With over 25 years of experience in the financial arena, Joe has seen many trends and fads come and go. He has also witnessed firsthand the anguish and pummeling a family with an elderly loved one can be forced to endure at the hands of the long term care system. Because of this, Joe’s priority is using his extensive knowledge in finance to help ensure his client’s money is safe, protected, and available to the client, focusing on and no-risk alternatives.

Joe lives in Lapeer County and enjoys spending time with his family.

Brian RoehrerBrian Roehrer

Brian serves as vice president and manager of operations for American Retirement Solutions. Following in Joe’s footsteps, Brian received his resident counselor and producer licenses in 2009. Brian has a colorful resumé including a BA of Fine Arts from the Center for Creative Studies in 1981, and experiences in many different industries, including having worked for Manufacturer’s Bank and Olde Discount Stock Brokers in Detroit.

He is committed to the company’s philosophy of safe money, helping clients understand the secure way to structure their assets to meet their objectives. Brian has been very successful by being down-to-earth and honest with his clients during the six years he has been with the company. He mainly works with clients throughout the state in locations such as Lansing, Saginaw, Flint, and Detroit metro regions.
Away from the office Brian and his wife of 21 years, Cheryl, are devoted to raising and home-educating their eight children.

Charlie RoehrerCharlie Roehrer

Charlie interned with the company during his senior years of high school starting in 2012 and went on to become the operations coordinator for the company and assistant to Joseph Vitale. He assists in the many of the day-to-day activities of the company.

He obtained his resident counselor and producer licenses in 2015 and is dedicated to providing quality service, bringing a truly caring attitude toward his clients. Outside of the office he is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Finance and lives with his family in Oakland County.

Mitzi LeonardMitzi Leonard

Anna VitaleAnna Vitale

Ann McCormickAnn McCormick

Becky JaynesBecky Jaynes

Maria VitaleMaria Vitale